Space for Ritual groups and expanded classes!

We are happy to announce that we have acquired space in our building to host large size classes, as well as ritual groups! The space is available anytime, although we do already have several groups using the space. We believe our pricing is better than most in the area, and would love to host your group or event!

The space is 21′ wide by 25′ long. If you would like to come and look at the space, feel free to drop by anytime we are open and one of our employee’s can give you a tour of the space. We currently have about 30 chairs and 4 tables. The room will seat much more, so you are welcome to bring some of your own chairs as well, if needed. If you are interested in potentially renting the space for your group or event, contact us now!

Below are the base rental rates for the space:

Length (hrs): Total Cost:
2 $ 40.00
4 $ 72.00
6 $ 108.00
8 $ 144.00
12 (full day) $ 216.00
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