We offer many magical and psychic services, consultations and readings at Ye Olde Magic Shoppe.


We offer a variety of Consulting Services. Julie offers Herbal consultations to help you choose herbs (including bulk herbs, teas, smoking blends, incense, etc) for various purposes such as: physical/mental health issues; spiritual journeys and experiences; pregnancy and child related issues; weight loss; and Beauty consultation.

Both Julie and Frater MTO also offer consultations on magical paths, grimoiric work, advanced witchcraft techniques, and many others. Contact us today to find out more about our consulting services!

Peacock Spiritual Journeys

The Peacock comes from Alchemical traditions, and represents a grand success of the work! We offer spiritual journeys, and will customize it based on the experience that you would like. We can offer Spirit Journeys based on the paths of Shamanic, Egyptian, Traditional Witchcraft and Western Magical/Grimoiric Traditions.

If you would like to embark on your own Spiritual Journey, and experience the Success of the Great Work symbolized by the Peacock, come on in and chat with us, and we can discuss your particular needs and desires for the ceremony.


A psychic reading can help to guide you through troubled emotions, clouded thoughts and difficult times by offering a reflection of your past, present and possible future, often giving you a fresh perspective on your circumstances. Often, the most distressing times are when confusion reigns, and we are unsure of decisions or choices. Likewise, even if everything seems rosy and grand, a good reading can give you direction, and provide guidance where you may have thought none was needed.

When you have clarity of mind, perhaps even just another set of eyes or perspective on your present circumstances, can give you the freedom to make decisions and the correct choices more easily. This is where a good psychic reader can be of great assistance in your life.

We offer many different types of readings, you may choose the one that fits your circumstances the best, or perhaps even try one that you haven’t heard of before, but that appeals to you.

If you would like to schedule a reading, contact us for availability and scheduling.


We offer several different types of healing services including Reiki Therapy, Elemental Healing and Kabbalistic Healing. Energetic healing is a calming and effective means of dealing with physical, mental or spiritual and magical ailments. Click on Healing to find out more about each healing modality that we offer!

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